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Our Summer Favorites

Summer is here! And with it are the hot temperatures, sun and dry skin after sunbathing.

We have collected our favorite skincare and make-up products for the summer. With these products, light make-up is possible despite high temperatures. And in the evening you give your skin the moisture it needs!

Discover our summer products now!

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Shiny Bronzing PowderShiny Bronzing Powder
Shiny Bronzing Powder Sale price€19,00 EUR(€760,00/kg)
Tinted Moisturizer nude finish
Tinted Moisturizer nude finish Sale price€20,95 EUR(€698,33/l)
Arabesque Multi Color PowderArabesque Multi Color Powder
Arabesque Multi Color Powder Sale price€24,15 EUR(€2.415,00/kg)
Color Passion LipstickColor Passion Lipstick
Color Passion Lipstick Sale price€10,75 EUR(€2.388,89/l)
Aloe Vera 3-Step Face Care Set
Aloe Vera 3-Step Face Care Set Sale price€34,65 EUR
Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel
Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel Sale price€23,80 EUR(€595,00/l)