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Ampoules, serums, concentrates

Intensive power for your skin

quick beautifiers


Ampoules contain highly concentrated active ingredients for a wide range of skin needs. They give your skin exactly what it needs and skilfully compensate for any care deficiencies. The small power packs impress with their visible and noticeable effect. Thanks to the concentrated active ingredients, the skin appears to be magically beautified and a radiantly fresh complexion appears.

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Botosyn Lift Ampoules
Botosyn Lift Ampoules Sale price€60,20 EUR(€4.013,33/l)
Hyaluron-Filler Ampoules
Hyaluron-Filler Ampoules Sale price€43,10 EUR(€2.873,33/l)
Argan Stem Cell Ampoules
Argan Stem Cell Ampoules Sale price€42,80 EUR(€2.853,33/l)
Moisture Ampoules
Moisture Ampoules Sale price€40,20 EUR(€2.680,00/l)
Cell Protect Ampoules
Cell Protect Ampoules Sale price€42,20 EUR(€2.813,33/l)
Collagen-Elastin Ampoules
Collagen-Elastin Ampoules Sale price€40,20 EUR(€2.680,00/l)
Caviar-Gold Ampoules
Caviar-Gold Ampoules Sale price€42,80 EUR(€2.853,33/l)
Detox Anti-Stress Ampoules
Detox Anti-Stress Ampoules Sale price€40,20 EUR(€2.680,00/l)
SK-10 Ampoules
SK-10 Ampoules Sale price€32,40 EUR(€2.160,00/l)
24h hyaluronic³ Ampoules Box24h hyaluronic³ Ampoules Box
24h hyaluronic³ Ampoules Box Sale price€93,45 EUR(€2.076,67/l)