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Make-up is a woman's constant companion. From a gala evening to a daily look, there are many different options. Depending on your taste, the lipstick is an all-round talent, from a bright, shiny red to lip care against chapped lips. With a mascara and the matching eyeshadow, the look is perfect. In addition, a powder and foundation so that it is harmonious.

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Make-up Booster
Make-up Booster Sale price€18,30 EUR(€1.220,00/l)
Tinted Moisturizer nude finish
Tinted Moisturizer nude finish Sale price€20,95 EUR(€698,33/l)
Silk Finish Make-Up + HyaluronSilk Finish Make-Up + Hyaluron
Silk Finish Make-Up + Hyaluron Sale price€28,00 EUR(€933,33/l)
Velvet Mat Matifying Make-upVelvet Mat Matifying Make-up
Velvet Mat Matifying Make-up Sale price€30,80 EUR(€1.026,67/l)
Time Control Anti Aging Make-up + ConcealerTime Control Anti Aging Make-up + Concealer
Time Control Anti Aging Make-up + Concealer Sale price€46,65 EUR(€1.555,00/l)
Color Perfection Compact Make-upColor Perfection Compact Make-up
Color Perfection Compact Make-up Sale price€27,70 EUR(€3.693,33/kg)
Double Face Make-upDouble Face Make-up
Double Face Make-up Sale price€23,60 EUR(€2.776,47/kg)
Sold outDiamond Powder SensationDiamond Powder Sensation
Diamond Powder Sensation Sale price€27,00 EUR(€2.454,55/kg)
Compact PowderCompact Powder
Compact Powder Sale price€19,00 EUR(€2.753,62/kg)
Diamond Mineral PowderDiamond Mineral Powder
Diamond Mineral Powder Sale price€16,20 EUR(€2.314,29/kg)
Loose Face Powder
Loose Face Powder Sale price€22,50 EUR(€900,00/kg)
Leopard Compact PowderLeopard Compact Powder
Leopard Compact Powder Sale price€24,50 EUR(€2.882,35/kg)
Natural Glow Compact PowderNatural Glow Compact Powder
Natural Glow Compact Powder Sale price€23,10 EUR(€1.283,33/kg)
Sold outShiny Bronzing PowderShiny Bronzing Powder
Shiny Bronzing Powder Sale price€19,00 EUR(€760,00/kg)
Arabesque Multi Color PowderArabesque Multi Color Powder
Arabesque Multi Color Powder Sale price€24,15 EUR(€2.415,00/kg)
Diamond Mineral RougeDiamond Mineral Rouge
Diamond Mineral Rouge Sale price€11,80 EUR(€5.900,00/kg)
Dream BlushDream Blush
Dream Blush Sale price€22,50 EUR(€2.250,00/kg)
Multi Bubble BlushMulti Bubble Blush
Multi Bubble Blush Sale price€28,20 EUR(€2.685,71/kg)
Diamond Glow Compact HighlighterDiamond Glow Compact Highlighter
Diamond Glow Compact Highlighter Sale price€28,35 EUR(€3.780,00/kg)
Hypnotic Eyes Hypnotic Eyes
Hypnotic Eyes Sale price€21,60 EUR(€5.142,86/kg)
Eyeshadow Mono-MattEyeshadow Mono-Matt
Eyeshadow Mono-Matt Sale price€15,60 EUR(€4.588,24/kg)
Eyebrow & Eyeliner Compact DuoEyebrow & Eyeliner Compact Duo
Eyebrow & Eyeliner Compact Duo Sale price€19,45 EUR(€4.862,50/kg)
Eye Sensation EyeshadowEye Sensation Eyeshadow
Eye Sensation Eyeshadow Sale price€18,50 EUR(€2.312,50/kg)
Mascara Lash X-Press & hyaluronic
Mascara Lash X-Press & hyaluronic Sale price€18,75 EUR(€2.205,88/l)
Lash Creation Mascara
Lash Creation Mascara Sale price€15,75 EUR(€1.968,75/l)
Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Sale price€7,95 EUR(€8.281,25/kg)
1+1 Double Effect Maximizing Mascara
1+1 Double Effect Maximizing Mascara Sale price€22,00 EUR(€2.933,33/l)
Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent Eyeliner Sale price€14,50 EUR(€9.062,50/l)
Lash Creation Mascara Set
Lash Creation Mascara Set Sale price€15,70 EUR
Lip Protector
Lip Protector Sale price€15,15 EUR(€3.366,67/l)
Color Passion LipstickColor Passion Lipstick
Color Passion Lipstick Sale price€10,75 EUR(€2.388,89/l)
Lip Couture LipstickLip Couture Lipstick
Lip Couture Lipstick Sale price€19,85 EUR(€4.411,11/l)
Perfect Mat LipstickPerfect Mat Lipstick
Perfect Mat Lipstick Sale price€14,70 EUR(€3.266,67/l)
Kiss me Lip ColorKiss me Lip Color
Kiss me Lip Color Sale price€10,45 EUR(€2.612,50/l)
Gloss CollectionGloss Collection
Gloss Collection Sale price€16,20 EUR(€3.240,00/l)
Lip Twist PencilLip Twist Pencil
Lip Twist Pencil Sale price€16,10 EUR(€4.878,79/kg)
Professional Brush Set
Professional Brush Set Sale price€33,50 EUR
Professional Eyeshadow Brush
Professional Eyeshadow Brush Sale price€7,60 EUR
Make-up Sponge
Make-up Sponge Sale price€6,45 EUR
Jumbo Sharpener
Jumbo Sharpener Sale price€4,85 EUR
Duo Sharpener
Duo Sharpener Sale price€4,60 EUR
Sharpener Gold / Black
Sharpener Gold / Black Sale price€5,30 EUR
Replacement brushes hyaluronic³ Cleaning brush
Long-Lasting Eyebrow LinerLong-Lasting Eyebrow Liner
Long-Lasting Eyebrow Liner Sale price€7,95 EUR
Eyeliner MaticEyeliner Matic
Eyeliner Matic Sale price€12,00 EUR